About - Life through the Lens

I have always been captivated by the craft of recording the environment around me through the viewpoint of a camera. Through my outings over the globe teaming up with organizations and enormous associations which incorporates work with the United Nations I have had the option to use the photo as an approach to comprehend the world behind the development of each culture.

Subsequent to working as an engineer for quite a while, I chose to follow my enthusiasm and devote myself to photography full-time. I have had the chance to go to numerous astonishing spots, and I love to record the magnificence and assorted variety of the world through my photographs.

Castle in the night - Miro Susta

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Train - black and white picture by Miro Susta


These are some of my previous engineering work, compiled from published articles, conferences and presentations in my experience with organizations and consultations.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of organizations and clients who have given me the opportunity to apply various engineering techniques to solve complex problems. My work has been published in various articles, conferences, and presentations as well as in technical reports and industry publications.

I have also consulted on a number of projects, providing expertise and technical insight to help in the development of successful solutions.